Ver la Versiˇn Completa : New English member

28/02/14, 18:30

New member here, currently living in the UK at the moment but moving out to Spain on the 20th March.
Been working between Spain and the UK for a while but it makes more sense to move there now, luckily my family have a holiday home over there so I know everything fairly well.

I enjoy a fine watch, had a couple of Rolex's and recently sold my 14060. Got a Tag Heuer Indy 500 as my daily watch as it's gets a bit of a battering also have a 1971 Seamaster.

Looking to buy another Rolex soon, probably a Sub, budget is around 3500e. I will post an advert on here in due time.

I own a specialist online bicycle shop in the UK and soon to be Spain in case there is any bikers on here fancy a chat...or a deal for a Rolex!!

Anyway look forward to getting stuck in here and seeing what it's like.


01/03/14, 01:10
My old 14060: