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cesar scarambone
21/08/12, 21:05
hello Guys, i'm from brazil my name is Cesar Scarambone, and an watch lover, I have some nice watches like rolex's (daytona zenith, submariner ceramic, gmt master 2 ceramic, DSSD, the new explorer 2); IWC's (cousteau edition the one with the wood back from calypso, galapagos Island, aquatimer 3536, portugues 7 days); panerai luminor submersible, breitling chrono avenger, seiko sbdx 011 the "empereor tuna", bell ross spacce 3, JLC master compressor dualmatic. I'm buying the JLC Navy Seals from Willy Fog, and for a while, this willy fog's JLC is the last one that I pretend to buy for a long time.Mostly because I do not have time to use all of my watches, I believe that like other people here, we have to arrive at home and change the watch in order to use all of them. I'm very happy to meet you all and make part of this forum. here it goes some photos from some of my watches:






best regards,

cesar scarambone
21/08/12, 21:06
I forgot, the back from calypso....



21/08/12, 21:25
Welcome to Relojistas! You have a very nice collection, I love all of them... and congrats for buying de Willy Fog's JLC, it's a very nice watch.

21/08/12, 21:28

Nice to meet you.

You have a lot of nice watches.

You´re welcome.


21/08/12, 22:23
You are wellcome!! And enjoy this forum!

I love your Seiko, i've never seen one of this....


Willy Fog
22/08/12, 05:03

You will enjoy in this forum, we are like a small family ;)

Your watch is flying today to China

One photo of my 14060m right now



cesar scarambone
22/08/12, 17:21
tks a lot for the words, hope that I can share and get some informations. i'm looking forward seeing the new jlc from willy fog ,but it will take time, he still have to send the watch from shangai to usa, than i'll have to wait my friend that leaves in miami come to brazil to bring the watch for me.... it will be hard to wait. but there's no other way. argentona, this seiko is very duffucult to see, it's a japan domestic watch, you have to buy it there, of course that nowadays with internet , paypal etc is much more easy to do it. but i've never seen one before I buy it, it's a monster has 52mm. I've changed the strap for an isofrane to "control the beast", is much more confortable.


22/08/12, 17:48
wellcome to relojistas, your watches collection is amazing but i prefer the portugues.

congratulations for your new JLC, enjoy with us