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Tema: English nook rules.

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    Predeterminado English nook rules.


    I am glad to announce that, in “”, since today, we have a corner in where all English speakers will found their place to talk about watches, accessories, and all kind of stuff. The rules are common to all the sub forums. I hope all people enjoy this place. Don’t be shy and introduce yourself to the community!


    1.- Be polite, and introduce yourself to all of us writing an introduction post here.

    2.- The nicks should be appropriate with good manners and all rude words will be not allowed. All commercial nicks and signatures must be authorized by the forum’s administration.

    3.- Courtesy and politeness are the bedrock of this forum. Any message with insults or swearwords ( in a litigious context) will be removed by moderators.

    4.-This is a forum of watchlovers, so, it’s banned to post any activity concerning fake watches. Posts about fakes are only allowed like advice to other users, and to help people to make the different between the real and the fake one.

    5.- It’s not allowed to talk about religion and politics, except in the “Religion and Politic subforum”.

    6.- All posts concerning to commercial discounts will be removed. If you want to talk about discounts, PM will be the best choice.

    7.- Texts and pictures which belong to other people must have a quotation of their origin.

    8.- If you see an inadequate message, you could let us know by clicking on the red triangle located in the left bottom of the message.

    9.- Despite tolerance and freedom are the most important principles, the failure to comply with the rules will be warned or banned depending of his magnitude.

    10.- These rules are of general use in all subforums.

    11.- These rules could be modified to improve the forum comfort.

    This forum is a democratic forum, so, it could be modified if the most of the users with 6 months and 200 or more posts agree with something. If you want to change something (new subforums…) , you must post an opinion pool and explain your idea.

    *This is a translation of the following spanish rules: . This translation could be edited to correct grammatical and orthographical mistakes.

    Regards, Danubio.
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